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Multi-talented dynamo Harry Connick Jr. has long been at the heart of American entertainment. As a singer, pianist, composer, actor, and television host, Connick is less of a person and more like an artistic force of nature. With a staggering 30 million records sold globally, Connick Jr. isn’t just a name, he’s a trailblazer who has redefined what it means to be a performer. With seven top 20 U.S. albums and an astonishing ten number-one U.S. jazz albums, Connick Jr. has shattered records and gained millions of fans worldwide.

From his chart-topping Christmas album “When My Heart Finds Christmas” to the unforgettable “Only You,” Connick Jr.’s discography is extensive and remarkably varied. Even his stage presence is magnetic. Connick Jr.’s artistry extends far beyond music. His acting career reads like a Hollywood blockbuster, from being a fighter pilot in “Independence Day” to his captivating role in “Hope Floats.”

His most recent album “Alone With My Faith,” born out of pandemic-era challenges, has earned recognition by his fans for its heartfelt composition. As Connick Jr. continues to evolve and captivate, his presence expands across borders, with his upcoming role as a judge on the revival of Australian Idol in 2023.

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A Wealth of Experience to Guide You

With more than 20 years under our belt, you can bet that we know a thing or two about event planning and execution. At Headline Booking, we pride ourselves on creating extraordinary experiences, from the moment you think of booking Harry Connick Jr. to the second the applause rings out. We’re your full-service partner, ensuring that every moment is memorable.

No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered

Event planning comes with its own set of challenges, and we’re here to take them off your shoulders. Our comprehensive services include negotiations with Harry Connick Jr.’s representation, full technical setup, and even specific special requests you may have. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and prepare for an amazing time.

Discover Harry Connick Jr.: A Master of Many Genres

Harry Connick Jr. is not just another musician; he’s an American icon. With a career spanning jazz, pop, and even Broadway, his talents know no bounds. Hits like “It Had to Be You” and “We Are in Love,” along with his unforgettable appearances on the silver screen, have made him a household name. When Harry Connick Jr. takes the stage, you’re not just getting a concert; you’re getting a multi-faceted experience that will leave your guests talking for years to come.

HARRY CONNICK JR. By bg_nh2014 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

By bg_nh2014, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Headline Booking offers a vast catalog of featured artists from around the globe to bring music and smiles to your private party, corporate event, or fundraiser.

Got Questions? We’re Your Harry Connick Jr. Encyclopedia

Is there something specific you want to know? Whether it’s his touring schedule, rider requirements, or any other unique requests, you don’t have to worry. We’re the experts you can trust when it comes to all things Harry Connick Jr., and we’re here to make your event run without a hitch.

Elevate Your Event with Harry Connick Jr.

You read it here first: booking Harry Connick Jr. is more than just adding entertainment to your event; it’s giving your guests an unforgettable evening that will be the stuff of legend. His captivating stage presence and phenomenal musical range ensure an event that goes beyond mere entertainment into the realm of magical experiences.

Don’t Hesitate—Reach Out Now!

A talent like Harry Connick Jr. doesn’t stay available for long. If you’re serious about making your event an unforgettable spectacle, then let’s not waste any time. Contact Headline Booking today, and let’s get the ball rolling on an evening that will redefine what a great event should be.

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