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New York, NY is the city that never sleeps. With such a nickname, it is only right that the city also has an amazing music scene. It holds large venues and many concerts, as well as small local talent in every part of town. It also features live entertainment through musicals and plays on Broadway. Nearly everywhere you go in New York, you will be serenaded by the sounds of live singing and instrumental performances.

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Booking a celebrity requires the experience and expertise necessary to ensure a flawless performance. Attention to detail and customer service are the differentiating factors between Headline Booking Group and other booking agency New York. We listen to what your wants, needs and objectives are. We work with you to book an entertainer within your budget, ensuring that we are consistently managing and maintaining expectations.


Every event is different and our full service approach delivers a customized individuality for each of our clients. Utilizing our in depth network of production vendors, Headline Booking Group can assist in the coordination of all logistics pertaining to the performance, liaising between our clients and management of the various celebrity entertainers. Our professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff ensures everything runs smoothly leading up to and on the day of your event.

Virtual Events

Headline Booking Group now offers celebrity booking and event production services for virtual events in New York and across the country. New health regulations restrict the gathering of large groups, but it doesn’t mean that events can’t still be held online! Headline Booking Group uses advanced technology to stream virtual events seamlessly and with high-quality so that people feel like they’re all together at the same event location! We also connect you to the best virtual entertainment specific to your event’s theme to create an experience your guests won’t ever forget. Contact the team at Headline Booking Group today to begin planning a virtual event and connect with the people you love.

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Corporate Events

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From Wall Street to Brooklyn, nearly every large corporation has a branch in New York. It is a commercial hub for trading and retail. Its centrality in the business world makes it the perfect place to hold a corporate event. Headline Booking Group specializes in securing celebrity talent for corporate events.  Whether the event is as small as a meeting or as large as a gala, we book talent that will have both you and your guests in awe.

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Private Parties

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New York has endless venues and clubs perfect for any type of event or celebration that you may want to throw a party for. If you want to take your party to the next level, celebrity entertainment is a sure crowd pleaser. At Headline Booking, we book celebrity talent for any size event. We will handle all the details to make booking a stress-free and easy process for you.

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In New York, fundraisers are a regular occurrence. At Headline Booking Group we know people respond best to fundraising events that capture their imagination and encourage their participation.  To make your New York fundraiser stand out, a celebrity entertainer will do the trick. We assist the organization of your booking and event to ensure success for you and excitement for your guests.

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Fair Festivals

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Even in a city as large as New York, fairs and festivals work to bring the community together. New York features music festivals, such as The Meadows Music and Arts Festival. Headline Booking Group’s experience allows festival organizers to source talent from around the globe. We assist in booking talent and handling all details to give the audience the best experience possible.

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College Events

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New York is known for the stellar colleges in its city limits. From New York University to Columbia University, college students enjoy an excellent education and a rich cultural life. This makes planning an amazing college concert quite intimidating. Headline Booking Group can help manage all aspects of your college concert.  We have experience in providing a college concert that will leave students raving and organizers happy.

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Trade Shows

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New York is a spot that nearly every industry will hold a trade show in. It offers venues of all sizes and welcomes all industries. Headline Booking Group knows how much goes into planning a standout trade show.  By booking a celebrity entertainer, your trade show will draw attention and rise above the competition.

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What services does Headline Booking Group provide?
Headline Booking Group serves as an entertainment consultant for your event.  After an evaluation of your wants & needs, we work with you to secure celebrity talent.  When necessary, we coordinate all production elements of your event as well.

What are the aspects necessary for a performance by a
headline entertainer?
An allocation for everything listed below is necessary in order to have a headline performer at your event:

  • Artist’s fee & airfare
  • All production elements, including but not limited to, staging, sound, lights & backline equipment (artist’s “gear”)
  • Hotel accommodations and local ground transportation for artist & crew at event location
  • Catering & rider requirements
  • Power, labor & an onsite production staff

If I am having a smaller event, is everything listed necessary?
Every event is different.  The staff of Headline Booking, New York booking agency, will work with you to scale everything to fit your event while maintaining the necessary components essential for a superior performance.

Can Headline Booking Group book any artist I am looking for?
YES.  Please fill out the “Request Artist Information”form and someone from our staff will be in contact to discuss securing the entertainment you are interested in obtaining.

What are my responsibilities as the client? What is the artist responsible for?
The staff of Headline Booking Group works with you and discusses the dynamics of your event. When necessary, we provide a full service New York booking agency solution where we will handle everything for one flat fee.  In other situations, we delegate the responsibilities accordingly.

What type of artists does Headline Booking Group provide? For what type of events?
We provide headline talent (bands, solo artists, comedians, athletes, key note speakers & celebrities) for private parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, fairs & festivals, in addition to club & promotional appearances. 

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After more than a decade of booking the biggest names in entertainment, our clients rely on us as a trusted resource in the world of celebrity talent procurement. The relationships we have built with artists and their representation allow us to serve as a conduit to any band, comedian, speaker, athlete or celebrity our clientele are interested in.

Headline Booking Group, your New York booking agency,  looks forward to the opportunity to be your booking agency for your next event.