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Founder’s Message

Hi, I’m Matt Altman, CEO, Founder, and driving force behind Headline Booking. People, music, and smiles—that’s what Headline Booking is founded upon but it’s much more than that to me. It’s a passion, one that’s steeped in decades of industry experience.

My story begins in New York City, where the rhythms of the streets harmonized perfectly with my favorite tunes. Music wasn’t just a backdrop, it was life’s essence, growing up surrounded by classics, soaking in every note and groove.

The magnetic pull of the music industry led me to building Headline Booking, the ultimate realization of a lifelong dream. Headline Booking is the bridge between passionate artists and their ardent audiences. For me, it’s been over two decades of smiles.

As we tackle the moving parts and logistics, I like to describe Headline Booking as a well-oiled machine.  Our knowledgeable staff adapts to every situation ensuring a seamless experience. We engage with artists and their representation, just as easily as we speak about event structure with clients, planners, and charity organizers.

We do this all with efficiency and excellence.

Let’s make music and memories together. Reach out to myself or the team at Headline Booking. It’s time to elevate your experience into something legendary and unforgettable. 

Elevate Every Event: Your Dream Architect for Exclusive Concerts WorldWide

The Company

Imagine walking into an auditorium, a private hall, or even the grounds of your private residence, your heart pounding with anticipation, and then there they are, your favorite singer or celebrity, on a stage, just for you. The sheer euphoria (and maybe even tears of joy)—that’s what we at Headline Booking are all about. Our dedication to perfection is relentless. We cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ to ensure that your moment—your event—exceeds your wildest expectations. 

At Headline Booking, integrity and authenticity are woven into every interaction. Our commitment to transparency becomes evident from our initial connection with you, our client. We are a conduit, a direct link between your dreams and the stars you adore. If you want to create an unforgettable experience that leaves you, your friends and family breathless, then you have come to the right place. 

We don’t merely book talent for events; we orchestrate magic. 

We eat, sleep, and breathe creating moments that will be etched into your memory. 

When you work with us, you’re not just hiring a booking company; you are engaging with a team of passionate individuals who thrive on transforming the vision of your event into reality. For us, no matter what you ask, the answer is always yes (provided the scope aligns gracefully with your budget). We take on the headaches of running your event and securing the talent so you can sit back, relax, and in the end, take a bow with a smile on your face.  


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Let’s make your event special. Fill out this contact form and we will get started securing your requested headliner. 

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From Handshakes to Standing Ovations: A Decade of Excellence with Headline Booking

Headline Booking believes that every journey begins with a handshake and ends with a standing ovation. That’s why we have over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful shows and events. Our track record is long; take a look. 

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