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Born in January 1981, Alicia Keys is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer who has transcended genres, defied convention, and created many soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Alicia Keys burst onto the scene with her 2001 debut album, “Songs in A Minor,” a masterful blend of R&B, soul, and jazz that captivated audiences and earned her five Grammy Awards. Her virtuoso piano skills and distinctive voice set her apart.

Throughout her career, Keys has continued to push boundaries, releasing chart-topping albums that showcase her evolution as an artist. From the fiery anthems of “The Diary of Alicia Keys” (2003) to the introspective depths of “As I Am” (2007), her music resonates with emotion and sincerity. Hits like “Fallin’,” “No One,” and “If I Ain’t Got You” have become timeless classics that underscore her ability to connect with listeners’ emotions on a profound level.

In 2020, Keys unveiled “ALICIA,” an album that continues to push artistic boundaries while delving into her personal journey. The record’s soulful melodies and introspective themes once again affirmed her status as a musical force to be reckoned with.

But Alicia Keys is more than just a musician—she’s a social activist, a philanthropist, and a voice for change. Her advocacy for social justice, gender equality, and empowerment has inspired generations, reflecting her commitment to using her platform for positive impact.

Headline Booking Group Presents: Alicia Keys

An Event to Remember: Book Alicia Keys with Ease

Let’s face it—some artists just have that indefinable it factor, and Alicia Keys has it in spades. Looking for a musical genius to take your event from typical to extraordinary? Headline Booking Group has got you covered, offering the unparalleled talent of Alicia Keys for any occasion—private parties, corporate shindigs, or even the wedding of your dreams.

Let’s Dive Right In

Call us at (212) 432-4400, Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST. We’re thrilled to help make your event truly memorable.

Your Guide to Booking Alicia Keys

Fancy a night where Alicia Keys dazzles your audience with her powerful vocals and enchanting piano skills? With over 20 years of expertise, Headline Booking Group has your back. We manage all the nitty-gritty details to ensure your event is an all-out showstopper.

Get the Best, Leave the Rest

We use our extensive industry network to lock in an unbeatable deal for Alicia Keys or any other top-tier act you have in mind. Remember, we offer a full-service experience, from initial inquiries to curtain call.

Meet Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys: The Soulful Superstar

Alicia Keys isn’t just an award-winning artist; she’s an emblem of musical sophistication. With her soul-stirring lyrics and virtuosic piano skills, she’s been charming audiences worldwide since her debut. Known for her empowering anthems and intimate ballads, Alicia Keys is the quintessential act for an unforgettable event.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

If you’re still on the fence about booking Alicia Keys, we’re here to provide you with any additional details—fees, availability, technical requirements—you name it.

Why Settle for Ordinary?

Elevate your event with the one and only Alicia Keys. With Headline Booking Group, you’re not just booking an act; you’re crafting an unforgettable experience.

ALICIA KEYS - By Alicia_Keys_@_Tokyo_Summer_Sonic_2008_02.jpg: Lukas from Munich, Germany - Alicia_Keys_@_Tokyo_Summer_Sonic_2008_02.jpg, CC BY 2.0,

Headline Booking offers a vast catalog of featured artists from around the globe to bring music and smiles to your private party, corporate event, or fundraiser.

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If the thought of Alicia Keys captivating your guests sounds like a dream come true, don’t hesitate. Reach out today and let’s set the stage for a magical evening.

Alicia Keys Awaits – Book Now for a Night of Soulful Elegance!

Ready to set your event ablaze? Get in touch and let’s make your evening with Alicia Keys a moment that will live in the hearts of your attendees for years to come.


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